Common Questions

No! The UPS Store Student Storage Service does not require a deposit to sign up for storage and the cost of the box is included in the storage price. We make storing your stuff simple, affordable and convenient.
You can get your free storage boxes and tape several ways:
  • Boston University  students can pick up your boxes in front of your dorm during move out week May 6 - May 11. See BU page for locations, dates & times.
  • You can pick up your storage boxes at  The UPS Store at 1089 Commonwealth Ave. in Boston.
  • We can deliver your boxes to you for a small fee.
As soon as you sign up, you can start getting storage boxes. Just email us or call our Student Storage Hotline at 617-208-8226.
You can start storage with us anytime you need during the year. Just email or give us a call and we will pick up all your items whenever you make a request.
**Boston University students can drop off storage at on campus locations by your dorms during move out week.  See BU school page for locations, dates & times
Yes we offer curbside pickup and delivery of your storage or shipping at off campus locations in Boston that are within one mile of campus during Peak Move-Out and Move-In dates. See our prices page for current fees.
Due to ongoing staffing shortages in Boston, we are currently not offering inside pickup service. 
We can store almost anything you have except furniture, open food containers and hazardous materials. If you have a question about specific types of items, please email our help desk.
Payment is due at the time that you store or ship your boxes.
You can pay by credit card.  
With The UPS Store you can request to have your storage delivered year round (excluding most holidays). For storage returns during Fall move-in August 20 - Sept 10 you must submit your delivery request by August 1, 2024. All other storage return dates require 72 hour advanced notice.
No. The price includes storage up to 4 months or less. Delivery fees will apply depending on the day and time of delivery. Delivery fees are listed on our Prices page. Please let us know if you plan on withdrawing your storage within the first month - we will place a sticker on your items so they can be more quickly retrieved.
In cases like this, you will need 2 separate contracts.  Once your items are delivered, the contract has ended and you will need to start a new one for the second storage period. There is not a discount for storage less than the standard 4 month period.
Yes. We can store for as long as you require. (additional charges apply.) 
Yes. There is a charge of $3 for every $100 worth of additional insurance beyond the free $300 of insurance included with your contract.
Yes we require all mattresses to be in a approved mattress bag. Covering your mattress keeps it clean, it is more hygienic and it will prevent damage. Mattress bags are available for purchase.
Yes. All TVs and Monitors must be boxed. We can professionally pack and box your TV or Monitor for an additional fee.
Yes we can! We are The UPS Store®! We can ship anything, anywhere!! (except hazardous materials.)
Yes we offer UPS International shipping services.
We are International Shipping experts.
The only things we cannot ship are hazardous materials and liquids. If you are unsure what constitutes a hazardous material, please visit the following web site:

For questions, please email our
help desk at:

Six convenient Boston locations to drop off Shipping:

  • The UPS Store - Boston University
    1089 Commonwealth Ave
    Boston, MA 02215
  • Pickup
    Boston, 02114
  • BU The Towers on Baystate
    140 baystate rd
    , 02215
  • BU 33 HAW