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****** 2020 Early Move-Out Information ******

Tufts University and The UPS Store Student Storage Service have setup a special program to help students Move-Out as quickly and easily as possible for the early mandatory move-out from campus. Tufts has arrange for The UPS Store to pickup any summer storage items directly from students dorm rooms after they leave campus this weekend.

Special Note: To help out during these stressful times, students that Move-Out early will only be charged our regular summer storage prices even thought your storage time will be more than 4 months.

Please read the information below for full details.

New Information - Please Read!

******We will have plenty of boxes all weekend for Storage and Shipping customers.

******Move-Out stations opening at 12pm Friday due to the rain.

Starting Thursday March 12th , The UPS Store Student Storage Service will set up On-Campus Move-Out stations where Tufts students can:

  • Pick Up FREE Storage Boxes and Tape - (Storage customers only)
  • Ship items home via UPS
  • Purchase moving & shipping boxes- (Non storage customers)

  • The UPS Store On-Campus Move-Out stations:

    Upper Campus Station - between Carmichael & Wren Hall
    Lower Campus Station - between Latin Way Apartments & Haskell Hall

  • Friday March 13: 12pm - 6 pm - Opening Late due to Rain!
  • Saturday March 14: 10am - 6 pm
  • Sunday March 15: 10am - 6 pm
  • Monday March 16: 9am - 2 pm

  • ***New Storage Instructions:

  • New storage customers, Signup for storage as normal - Previous storage customers do not need to signup again, you are already in our system.

  • Pick Up FREE Storage Boxes and Tape at our Move-out Stations - (Storage customers only)

  • Pack storage boxes and tape them closed

  • Write your Name, Phone#, and Tufts Student ID on every storage box.

  • For all storage items that can not be boxed, place a storage label with your Name, Phone#, and Tufts Student ID on each storage item

  • When all items are labeled you will simply leave your storage items in your dorm room when you leave.

  • The UPS Store Storage Service will pick up your storage from your room after all students leave campus. There will be only a $29.99 special fee for this pickup service

  • The UPS Store will send an invoice via email that can be paid online, after your storage is processed at our warehouse.

  • Living Off Campus or Moving Out Early or Late?
    Tufts University students who live off campus, can Schedule a Curbside Storage or Shipping Pickup Online after you Sign Up for Storage, or by calling our Storage Hotline at 617-208-8226.

    Pre Move-In Delivery Service: A UPS Store Storage Service EXCLUSIVE:
    To make move-in as easy as possible, Tufts and The UPS Store Storage Service have arranged to have your storage returned directly to your dorm room and will be waiting for you when you return to school in the Fall. Never wait for a storage delivery again!

    Reusable Storage Bin

    The UPS Store Storage Service Exclusive!

    Try our Environmentally Friendly Reusable Storage Bins
    Only $32.99 for the Entire Summer!
    The best summer storage deal in Boston

    Try our sturdy, Environmentally Friendly, reusable storage bin option! These storage bins provide added protection for storage items, are crushproof, dust-proof, water-resistant and are easy to move and carry. Best of all, they provide a zero-waste storage option! The bins are easy to return - simply stack them in any Tufts dorm lobby.
    *Only available at Tufts University, Emerson College and Boston University.

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